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IT Services

At a fraction of the cost involved in setting up and managing you own IT department. CAS brings specialized knowledge to the table along with years of experience, which businesses would otherwise not have access to. Delegate you IT operations to us so your business can focus on you core competencies, rather than bother with handling IT responsibilities.

Security and Compliance

With growth in digital data, security and compliance have become a major concern. A good IT services provider would have stringent mechanisms in place to avoid hacking, ransomware and data theft.

Networking and Infrastructure

A good MSP would offer robust networking and infrastructure solutions. With increased uptime, your team’s work can continue without interruptions.

Disaster Recovery

In case of a disaster, the provider of managed IT services would ensure that things are up and running very quickly. With regular back-ups, the business can prevent the catastrophic impact of data loss.


Cloud Services

Cloud services significantly lower hardware costs for a business and increases security.

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